"Freedom "she replied....

Her name giving us shivers,

her smile warming us inside,

flushed hot and cold we searched for the name that could make her ours..

her name we asked,

"Freedom," she replied


Name : Freedom Van

Model: Astro  

Make: Chevy

Year: 2002






This is our Freedom van, bought in New Jersey with a goal to drive from east to west, and then up and down the coast of Cali, and then back to somewhere else. When we left we didn't have a name yet. We knew that when it came to us, something would light up like lightening in the sky. Some of our friends had put some names out there like " Willie, or Dale," but just didn't hit right. On our second stop venturing through North Carolina we stopped at one of the cutest little hidden gems called "Asheville."   Our second day heading out we were standing in a parking lot with the car wide open and there was a lovely lady and her daughter who asked if they could have a look at our van. Sweet as pie, we introduced our selves and asked what the daughters name, " Freedom," she said. At that moment, we knew what the name of our van would be called.