Completely Me


I believe in a life of freedom and adventure, 

Of following your dreams and never settling for less, 

In strength, boldness and courage 

In the choice to be different, 

In the art of letting go, 

Letting go of expectations and the norms, 

In letting go of the past and moving on to the new, 

I believe in landline phones and polaroids photos, 

Of new places, new people, new adventures, and new beginnings, 

In true love, like the good old days, 

Love that makes you so crazy , you think at times your nuts, 

And then the next moment the happiest person in the world

I believe in 

Trusting your gut and intuition, in doing what you believe is best for yourself, 

No questions, no why, how, where or when, 

no text messages, messengers or any instant gratifications

Just a smile when we see each other,

Maybe a letter in the mail, 

and i’ll get back to you in a day, maybe a week or even a year,

I believe in going with the flow, 

Enjoying the journey in life,

And the people you meet along the way,

 Of how one moment can lead to a million possibilities of the next....

I  finally married my best friend, 

We eloped early morning on the beach, 

The ocean was crystal clear, the sky was shining up ahead

Our close friends accidentally swooped by and witnessed it all, 

We got away to an old town I’ve been dreaming of, 

And  a favorite little band of ours from Africa happened to be playing that night,

Lots of inspiration and new ideas,  

It was perfect, 

It was meant to be, 

It was completely me