Eyes of the Mountain Dwellers

Mountain Dwellers FREEDOM TOUR

"From the earliest dawn of human history mankind has gathered together in groups for safety, comfort and companionship. Making deep and lasting tribal connection with others is written into our DNA code and it’s difficult to be happy without it. But, at the same time, there has always been a small group that could not resist the lure of individuality, travel and adventure–they had to know what was around the next corner and over the next mountain. Those people pulled away from the tribe and followed the beat of a different drummer. They are the nomads, gypsies and adventurers who changed and shaped our world. "  Quoted and Sourced in a Magazine

Van-lifers can be related to these types of people. And we can say, that for a short period of time, on a very small scale, we have experienced the world through their eyes,  " The Eyes of the Mountain Dwellers."


Here's a small trailer or our Video to come...




We want to thank everyone who has helped during this journey. We mean everyone starting from New Jersey, our mecanic getting theFreedom Van safe and ready to go, to our neighbors who helped set us up with pots, pans, our favorite sandwich maker, curtains you name it. To our friends and family who showed us great love and support and all the people who opened up their door with sincere hospitality along the way. To the Van-lifers and travelers we encountered on the roads less traveled and especially to those amazing yoga studios that kept us healthy, flexible, energized and showered during this time.  To last but not least the amazing coffee shops, for good coffe and wifi service to help keep up with loved ones and make this video happen. This trip has given us new inspiration and opened our eyes in new ways to lots of different projects.  How much we just dont need and how little human beings can survive on.  But also how comforting a warm and cozy home with loved ones really is.  North America is truly a beautiful place, and we have still only seen a small amount it....


With Love from The Habibis.. CATCH US IF YOU CAN