The ocean is our playground


Surf Lessons

  • Half hour warm up & land lesson
  • 2 hour water lesson
  • board & wetsuit 
  • half hour overview 

Catch your first or if already a surfer some of your best waves with coach Joackim.  He will take you out and get you up and standing in no time. Learning how to surf is for everyone and the feeling of sliding across the ocean is incredible



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Surf Guiding

  • Private Guided trip
  • 2 hours in the water

Joackim, a professional surfer sponsored by Oneill for 7 years, is now taking his passion and skills to another era by help bring the beginer-inter-meditate surfer to a new and advanced level. As a surf guide, Joackim will meet you in the morning and take you to the best surf spot depending on the conditions as well as your ability and preference. He will show you some of his favorite beach and reef breaks and try to beat the crowds. Before getting in the water he will help explain where to get in and out of the water as well as any hazards that’s good to know of. As a surf guide, Joackim can coach from land & also come out in the water and surf with you with the option of taking photos & videos for additional fees . 

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