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"From the earliest dawn of human history mankind has gathered together in groups for safety, comfort and companionship. Making deep and lasting tribal connection with others is written into our DNA code and it’s difficult to be happy without it. But, at the same time, there has always been a small group that could not resist the lure of individuality, travel and adventure–they had to know what was around the next corner and over the next mountain. Those people pulled away from the tribe and followed the beat of a different drummer. They are the nomads, gypsies and adventurers who changed and shaped our world. " Quoted and Sourced in a Magazine Vanlifers can be related to these types of people. And we can say, that for a short period of time, on a very small scale, we have experienced the world through their eyes.


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Maintaining our daily health and overall wellness is a prevalent issue on the road. When we sit for long periods of time or feel cramped in a tiny space, it may be difficult to get the exercise we need or eat just right.

When we chose vanlife, we knew we had to find ways to take care of ourselves between their travels. Because they are quite active—Rachel teaches yoga and Joackim Surfing, we notice  when we do not take care of their health. Read these tips for on the road lifestyle with Van life diaries below


How did we get set up on the road? Our First Van life Renovation and how we converted our tiny Chevy Van into a Home on Wheels, read more with Tiny house, Tiny footprints article below.