Long Story Short

We are a couple, called the Habibis who have similar interests for adventure, good food, surf and learning about different cultures and languages. We met back in 2011 , introduced by a very good Brazilian couple in Joackim's hometown , Tavira, Portugal, and since, have not stopped traveling together. We have worked and volunteered in Hawaii, Portugal,Spain, Vietnam, Brazil, Nicaragua, and visited France, Morocco, Norway , Thailand and many parts of the USA together. 

We spent one summer in the Algarve, Portugal hosting our own Small B&B with yoga and surf packages ; and fell in love with what we did. We now invite you to share our stories with us as we are on the search of where  open up our dream place and call that place " home."  


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              Rachel Leah Petersen                    

From:  New Jersey
Studied: BSBA International Business: Hawaii Pacific University

Certified:  International RYT  Yoga Instructor, English Teacher

Languages:  English, Portuguese,  Spanish

Favorite phrase to live by: " No matter who you are or where your from, everybody has something to offer." “No matter how smart you are, you can always learn."

Bio :  Ray Leah grew up on the Jersey Shore in New Jersey, USA. Living close to the ocean she took on a love for a lifestyle wrapped up around the sea at an early age. Her first job was located in Normandy Beach, NJ at a juice bar called simple goodness; and at a restaurant with the same owner  called Labrador Lounge.  Falling in love with the style and creativity of the place;  she would come home every summer to work  on the jersey shore and save money towards her next destination. 

With a dream to open her own" simple goodness or simple breathing retreat"  she made her way out to Oahu, Hawaii, where she volunteered with Surfing the Nations and then decided to study at the University of Hawaii Pacific, graduating with a degree in International Business. There she developed a huge passion and love for not only  surf,  but yoga, traveling and languages. During this period is when she meant and fell in love with the love of her life, Joackim while she was studying abroad In Europe. Summers spent in jersey turned into  winters  spent traveling and volunteering abroad with Joackim which slowly developed and inspired to relive that dream of having her own dream place. 


              Joackim Petersen Guichard

From: Born in Oslo, Norway,; Raised in Tavira, Portugal
Studied:  All things Surf; Video/ Photo Production

Languages: Portuguese, French, Norwegian, English, Spanish, Little bit of Arabic and Indonesian
Favorite phrase to live by:  "The ocean is my playground "
Bio : Joackim was born In Oslo , Norway where his mother is from but   quickly moved to a small town Tavira, Portugal where she raised him and his twin brother, Luca.  They would spend half of their time living with their father on the countryside next to a waterfall learning about cooking, and half with their mother in the cute downtown area of Tavira close to the beach. Growing up in Portugal with a Norwegian mother and French father,  lead Joackim and Luca to speak several languages fluently         including: Norwegian, French, Portuguese, English and Spanish .

 At the age of 16 Joackim and his brother were introduced to Surfing. They would make their way back and forth from Tavira to Sagres, surfing all the breaks they could find on their time off.  Quickly they got sponsored by O'neill and for several years were paid to do what they love most, travel and surf the best waves possible. Joackim always had a passion for traveling, surf, good food, music and his family and always had a dream of opening a family business if his surfing career ever came to an end.  When he met Leah, they traveled all around the world together and finally decided that is was time to combine their skills, passions and interests. So they went on the search for where to open up their dream place..