We dedicate our dream of opening up our business to Simple goodness and the owner behind it, Scotty D.  Scotty D was Ray's first boss who gave her,  her first job ever, The  Simple Goodness Juice Bar, and whom she worked with side by side for 14 years. Scotty D passed away in the year of 2016 in Costa Rica , touching the lives of many in such an inspirational way.  Since Ray started working for Scotty she had a dream to have her own place, just like it or even bigger. When Scotty passed away  it was realization to follow that dream and never settle for less, because life is short.   Simple goodness is about living the life you love fully, living it simply and healthy, having no regrets and following your dreams. 

Thank you Scotty D and Allison Dominic for inspiring us to do so. 

The World is Yours, May the Light Shine Ahead
— Scotty D